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So Hang Me

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My Aunt Bonnie

My dear Aunt Bonnie spent her life performing as a dancer in the night clubs of Chicago, Illinois. At one point in her career, her boss was one of the infamous Capone brothers, who graciously gave her a lift home after he found her waiting for a bus in the wee hours of the morning. Additionally, she was involved in the choreography of a couple of Hollywood movies.

Bonnie believed she had a spirit guide and often shared stories of her spiritual relationship with my parents. Her mother, Gladys, was a well-known medium in the Chicago/Deerfield area who received visits from curious patrons from all around the region. Bonnie was an extremely sweet person and my initial introduction to alternative views. Through her example, I was able to avoid the narrow-mindedness associated with so many religions.

♬ Musical Sermons ♬

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Visual Propaganda

Vidage  Out There?  When I Die 

Dominion of Jeorgie

I am the alter ego. I am the altar. I am a free spirit. I am a slave. I am abstinence, I am promiscuity. I am life, I am death. I am the feast, I am the purge. I'm the sacrificial lamb; I am the untamed, unleashed soul. I am a conduit.

I am a shapeshifter who assumes multiple personalities: Introvert, Thinker, Dreamer, Lover, Poet, Musician, Songwriter, Programmer, Hacker, Comedian, Stoner, Student, Worshipper, Writer, Nonconformist, Rebel.

To the cold-shouldering world at large I am the quintessential non-person, a deceptive cloak of homogeneity that harbors my reclusive demons. I refer to this collective cast of misfits as Jeorgie. He is guided by forces unseen who scar him for the wellness of others.

Death In A Hotel 08.2015

The mortal shell was on the floor, for what seemed like a great deal of time, awaiting the sobering shake to the senses so customary in these circumstances. I obeyed, if only through the eyes of a morbid curiosity to see it through fruition. I was in a place where no earthly authority can claim juridiction, deep in the crawlspace of property holders and endgame collectors.

They call it The Dying Assembly, a banquet of the macabre where the bloodless gather to devour souls and drink dark secrets. You go there when your purpose has been tweaked, and remain in attendance until your name is called.

“Darren. Darren. Wake up!

Once summoned, you are expected to rise from the winner's circle, and continue to your designated coordinates as if nothing extraordinary occurred. Just be thankful for the reprieve and trust your whispering confidante to guide you.

“You scared me. I thought you were dead.”

Death. Heaven and Hell. The other side. There are those among us who don't like to talk, or even think about it. Yet, the fact of the matter is, these things happen.


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